Marlin 2.0 Bug MANUAL_Y_HOME_POS: Lulzbot Mini 1

Hi All, I’m modding my printer and am putting on a new flexible print bed from Prusa. I needed to change the marlin code to accept the new printer Z height. While i was at it i decided that the newer marlin would include many new features not present in the Marlin 1.1.0 my Lulzbot Mini 1 was using. Including the really nice safety feature “#define NO_MOTION_BEFORE_HOMING // Inhibit movement until all axes have been homed”. Very nice feature. Can’t tell you how many times when i was originally building my Mini that i crashed the various axis when testing or when trying to take gcode shortcuts.

Anyway, i have been trying to center my new bed in marlin and i think i found a major bug. Problem is i need it to be confirmed by others for it to get fixed. If anyone has a Lulzbot Mini 1 who is willing to test my firmware and see if they can reproduce it please try.