mintemp fail - consistent -

I have read a couple posts about mintemp fails, and it makes sense this could be a bad wire / connection etc… but here is what seems very odd:

I recently upgraded to an areostruder head in my mini. Generally seems like things have been ok and I have done some flex and some regular prints.

We have a design we are working where we are printing a small section of the design downloading from onshape.

We have printed several versions of it and only recently run into a problem.

The latest file I downloaded from onshape and then print consistently produces the mintemp error at what seems to be about the same place in the print - soon after doing the skirt - I think after it starts the actual piece.

It seems very odd that it is consistent like this. I tried with different materials and computers. I tried to use slic3r to ‘fix’ the file and re-printed the produced .obj and it causes or experiences the same failure.

I went back to an older version of the same portion of the design and it still prints ok.

Im running cura 3.2.32

It seems like if something really is wrong with the file cura or the printer should tell us something besides mintemp…

Im hoping someone can give ideas, or try to duplicate etc… if others have the same issue it feels like a cura or printer bug - if not then I should try to debug my printer I guess, but sure seems weird that its consistent and only this object.

Im temped to go back to my original head and re-try this too, havent dont that yet.

< [14:54:09] echo:busy: processing
< [14:54:09] Error:MINTEMP triggered, system stopped! Heater_ID: bed
< [14:54:09] Error:Printer halted. kill() called!
Part Studio 1 - Part1-sink-top.stl (107 KB)
Part Studio 1 - Part1-sink-top_fixed.obj (68.3 KB)

one update on this issue - I moved the print to the side and forward and it then was able to get past the point it had been failing at - so maybe a bad connection or wire - will try to investigate the wires and temp sensor

I discovered today that this can be replicated without doing a print and just setting the bed temp to 105 and then moving the bed with the GUI - so starting to think its the bed.
Also - I can get this ERROR:MINTEMP thing by just pulling the thermistor wires from the controller - so it seems still plausible its in the bed/thermistor, although still could be on the controller card between the connection and the A/D I suppose…

It appears this issue was a faulty wire or connector (seems to be wire) between the bed temp sensor and the controller card. When I bypassed this wire as a test I was no longer able to cause the failure. I have now replaced them and it is working.

I do feel the software probably should be a bit more forgiving on a drop in the temp read (as a single bad read for instance can cause a 10 hour print to fail with 10 mins left)