Multiple Versions of Cura Won't Start

I did not use my desktop for 3 months. I updated to windows 10 creators update on June 5th. The morning of June 6th, I realized I cannot open Cura any more. I have tried multiple version, 18-21. I fresh installed windows 10 1703 several times because I thought some software is not compatible with Cura. On my last reinstall, before I install anything else and before I connect to internet, I installed Cura 21.04 and it works just fine. Then I installed Nvidia driver and other usual stuff, and Cura stop starting again.

I have spent a day on the internet looking for solutions. I have tried to put a pause in cura.bat. Here is a screenshot of it.

Please help.

With Nvidia driver 378.66, which is about Feb 2017 release, cura can start now.