My lulzbot Taz pro keeps failing its probe and makes a grinding noise as it travels downward

I’m trying to print and my printer is having these issues every time I use it. and then it starts to dig into the build plate. X-axis is level and grinding while moving in the Z-axis after the first probe still happens.

What firmware are you running?

I can’t tell from the video - is the nozzle making contact with the washer? Is it probing that washer first?

Other things - the x axis gantry isn’t level, which is why it’s bouncing at the top several times. Raise the gantry to the top, then turn the power off. Now lift both ends of the gantry with your hands until it is snug against the top. Hold it there and power the machine back on.

Which axis of movement is causing the buzzing noise? it seems to move fine on the despite the buzzing, so is another axis trying to move but physically blocked?

When it does sensorless homing of the X, it seems to go too far initially, like the sensitivity isn’t right. T-HB0017/TAZ_Pro_start_gcode.txt

This is the gcode I’m running. It makes contact with the washer and pushes it down when it starts the probing process. I think it’s the x or z axis I’m not sure.

What version of firmware are you running?

Can you show the entire power-on to attempt at leveling in another video?

Does the nozzle make contact with the washer, or nearby it?