My TAZ 5 stops and no longer wants to print

Everything was fine but today the printer no longer wants to print, when I want to make a piece the printer starts well, but suddenly stops and no longer continues. Already try to pause it and give it continue, does the calibration movement but does not continue with the work.

Cancel the works, the command to print again but the same thing happens again.

What does your serial terminal say when it stops?

Does your temperature of your nozzle and bed go up or stay at room temp?

Hi Jim

The terminal remains as if the machine is printing.

The room is cold but the bed and nozzle temperature stays warm.

Was you STL file clean? Did you run it through a mesh mixer and correct errors? That got me once.

After two attempts and to restart the computer, the printer finished the piece.

It is a simple but large piece, I did not verify the STL file, I do not know how to do it.