Taz Pro wont print after firmware update

I updated my firmware and now my taz pro wont print. I have the M175 head. but it looks to be that my printer doesnt know where the bed is now. how do I adjust this?

If you updated the firmware without saving/restoring your Z offset, you will need to configure that again. With the Octograb, a good start is +0.25mm, with the standard glass/PEI bed, -1.25 is where you should start tuning from.

Thank you I saved it, and reloaded it, but its still not right… I will continue to tweak, do I do anything with this backlash??

If you had excessive backlash it could be an issue, but Z offset is the first thing to get set right.

So apparently I bought this pro in the last month they came with a 175 v1 head not the v2 head . Per lulzbot I need to update that as the new firmware doesn’t support the v1 lol . $18 and it should be fixed because I can’t print one since my printer is down.

Thank you,
Mark Highcock

The key changes move the relative nozzle position. There are other changes in the fan shroud, but nothing that would prevent you from using it. You can get around that by flashing an older firmware and using older software to print the relevant upgrades, then you can upgrade to current firmware/slicer.

Installing Cura 3.6.28 will include the firmware you need: Index of /Windows/Cura LulzBot Edition 3.6/3.6.28

You may have to manually select the m175v1 firmware since it can see your current firmware as more up-to-date.

Shroud and mount STLs here:

Instructions here:

I was able to get the October to print a few times but quality seemed not as good. It was $18 part so I just ordered it and it will arrive tomorrow. See how that works.

Thank you,
Mark Highcock