Nozzle schematic

Does anyone have a schematic for the nozzle?
The one I’m using is Flexystruder Tool Head. 0.50 mm nozzle.

v1 or v2 toolhead? (One connector or 4?)

Extruder Extension_Build Process 2.0.pdf (1010 KB)
Taz Extruder Pin Assignments v3.0.pdf (187 KB)

This is the schematic for the nozzle on the LulzBot Hexagon Hot End, used on the Mini, the TAZ 5, and all v2 tool heads:

Flexy with a .5 MM nozzle is a V1 I think. I thought the V2 had a .6 MM nozzle on it by default. Nothing says it can not be changed though.

Ah- reading is fundamental. Here’s the drawing for the Budaschnozzle nozzle:

Previous versions of the nozzle can be found in the parent directory.