oddity in rocktopus test print

Hi there! Just got my Mini and I’m super excited!

My wife and I set it up, everything was super easy and initiated our first print, the Rocktopus. He’s cool. Odd thing though is that he has an bump / glitch near his elbow. This was with HIPS, all default settings, 240 degree hot end.

I’m wondering if anyone can give me some advise about the elbow that might effect my future prints. I got a roll of HIPS and PLA.

I’m also going to print the Make 3D printer evaluation objects later this week.

Thanks for any advise.


I can’t tell from that picture. It’s possible you have a loose belt or pulley setscrew (they work loose in shipping sometimes) and the layer shifted slightly, but not enough that it’s noticible on the head. Or it could just be excessive softness in the small layer that you might need to adjust your cooling fan settings a little bit to compensate for. Or it could just be a one time glitch.

Thanks. Yeah, it’s difficult to get a good photo. I’ll take a few more and see if I can improve it.

I’ll also work the machine over tomorrow night and see if I can tighten things up.

Thanks for the suggestion.

My Rocktopus also has that same bump in his elbow, or just above it.
I think it’s an artifact from when they joined the Dio hand to the octopus.
I wouldn’t worry about it.

Here’s some more pics. Check out the left side of his upraised arm. There’s a bump there which I don’t think is in the original file.

Thanks for the confirmation!