Previously Saved G-Code Parts Open Off Center

When I import .STL files into my LulzBot TAZ Pro (CURA V 3.6.23) parts center automatically on the print plate (FIG. 1).
When I reopen the g-code it opens off-center; looks like the rear right of the print place is considered the center.
Question: Should I just quit crying and only open STL files or is there a way to get the g-code to center on the plate as well? Assume my only use for g-code is my 3D printer, If my g-code files are going to always open off-center, why should I save the projects in g-code at all? Contrary to what my wife thinks, I do not speak (or listen) in code; so make this easy for me to understand, lol.

When gcodes are opened in Cura, they tend to default to the upper right corner.

They will still print just fine and in the center of the printers build platform.

Excellent. I will give that a try

Yes, if you have extra information that you would like to add to our investigation of the issue please do so here Object moves off plate (#86) · Issues · LulzBot 3D / Cura-LE / CuraLE · GitLab .

Currently still trying to track this bug down, from all that I have seen it is just a visual bug.