SD Card Reader: SD Card vs Micro SD Card

My TAZ came w/ an 8 GB Micro SD Card and Micro SD Card Adapter which plugs into the SD Card Reader. This card is shot. I’m looking at buying a regular SD Card to replace it instead of a micro-card-in-adapter like what came with my TAZ. Does it matter what kind of replacement I buy? I was looking at this one:


The SD card that you are looking at buying via the link you shared should work fine.
The TAZ printers are not locked to any certain type of SD card.

Great, thanks. I was holding off till your reply.

Which Taz? Are you sure it’s shot? I think I read the Taz 6, or some, have a problem reading the card if it’s inserted all the way, but if you pull it back just a tad it works.

I have two TAZ 4’s. One of the SD Cards doesn’t work in either one.