Suddenly getting bad prints

I have a new Taz workhorse that isn’t printing well anymore. I think it happened when I was putting the enclosure on and hit the button on the front panel. When I looked at the screen it said z offset saved. how do I fix this? Is there a way to reset to factory settings?

Go into the “Configuration” settings in the LCD menu.
There will be a “Restore Default Settings”.

Note that resetting to factory defaults will not go back to the Z offset that was found and saved during the factory calibration. It resets to the default in the Marlin firmware, which, if I remember right, is -1.20.

To get back the calibrated Z offset you will need to look at the calibration paperwork that came with the printer. There should be a Z offset number written somewhere on the paper. You can go into the configuration menu and enter that number and then save settings.

I would wait until it is at least 5•c outside make sure it is not raining & check the extruder if not contact support