Taz 6 Makers series Filament

I am very new to 3D printing ( on item number 8) . We got a bunch of spools of Makers series Filament. The first project i ran with it i went for 230c for the nozzle and 80 c for the bed and got a Bunch if stringing on my text. Does anyone have an experience with this filament ? Or have any suggestions on settings for my TAZ 6 that might make a cleaner print?

I also have a problem with their filament. I’ll keep checking back. Let me know if you find a solution.

To give you accurate information about settings that might help with improving your print quality we will need a bit more information about the filament you are printing with. Could you post some photos of the label on your filament roll? Looking on the maker geek website I saw both PLA and ABS in their maker series as well as different filament diameters, these factors will have a big effect on the settings needed for any filament so without this information it’s almost impossible to give good suggestions.