Unbox Video + Frustrations but Happy Now

My mini came in the mail yesterday and didn’t waste anytime getting it setup. I shot a short video posted below. The YT video is unlisted and I’m only sharing it with this community. I would like to add that Ray at Tech support was very helpful and great to deal with but how was he to know the USB cable was bad. In the video below I say control panel, meaning the control tab that shows print head functions and computer to mini connection. Additionally when I talk about printer cable I mean my paper printer. Once I did get it running I was very impressed with function and the detail of the printed model. I would also like to add that the user manual/ booklet is well written for newbs like me. Step by step, easy pezy. One last thing to mention is Murphy’s Law. Last night about 10 PM we had a complete power outage for about 5 seconds and when the power came back on it surged. The surge protector power bars that my Mac and mini are plugged into plus the surge bars my home theatre is plugged into both popped and smoked plus a few GFIC circuits tripped on the main panel. Just a heads up to those who may not have their 3D printer protected by a surge bar. Glad I did :wink: OK enough blah blah … on with the show.


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Hmm, we even get name brand Tripp Lite USB cables, not Alibaba junk. I’m surprised the cable is bad. We’ll look into it. Customer support may reach out to you to get the cable back.



I confirmed with manufacturing that this USB cable was tested with the unit it shipped with. We’ll reach out to you to see if we can get it back to examine it.



No worries. Sh*t happens. I’ve had many name brand quality items from vehicles to chainsaws with defects. Heck I put in a Briggs & Stratton standby generator last year and the voltage regulator fried on it in the first 30 seconds of operation. :wink:

Hi there!

We would definitely like to get that cable back for inspection. If you are willing, please just send a quick email to support@lulzbot.com with your Mini’s serial number and a good shipping address so we can get a label to you.



Done! :wink: