Warping corner issue recently started

Hello, I have use the lulzbot ao-101 for a month now and everything worked great until I had to bring it with me on the plane. Everything was working fine, I have been printing iphone and Samsung galaxy cases and everything was fine until I had set it up after the plane ride, my issue is for some reason as its printing the case one corner which is to the top right of the case, it almost seems like it melts too much on that one corner only and warp’s it where that the only corner that does not fit snug on the phone, before this the same cases were printing perfect, can someone please tell me that the issue could be? It starts off fine but once it gets deeper into layers it will only warp that one corner, a solution is greatly appreciated, and thank you, please let me know if you need any more details

Hello again, I did some research and made a few calls, from what I was told its a calibration problem, I guess my question now is how do I adjust calibration so I get my prints back to normal, thank you

This is an issue with the part not adhering to the bed. In your user’s manual, also found here: http://download.lulzbot.com/AO-101/documentation/current/AO-101-User_Manual.pdf you can use an ABS solution to further aid in first layer adhesion. You will want to reference page 49.

Or forego the kapton tape and use hair spray!


I’ve been using Finesse Firm Hold Unscented Hairspray for the past few weeks and it sticks like crazy. The parts pop up after the bed temperature drops below 45º, but I have to scrape the skirt with the provided knife even when it drops to room temperature. I simply reapply some more hairspray to fill the surface where the parts were printed, and print again. Occasionally I thoroughly clean up the glass with acetone and reapply a new coat.

I noticed that with the kapton tape, once you remove a few parts with the knife it creates dents/tears in the tape, and the parts do not stick well after that, I was getting lifting corners. Not anymore with the hairspray.

And I am glad I do not have to replace the kapton tape. The original tape is still on the glass, I just flipped it upside down with tape facing the heat bed. :smiley:

There’s just one minus point IMO: the printed part’s surface touching the heat bed is now matte. I kind of liked the glossy finish.

We found that hairspray would sometimes, somehow cause the parts to shrink. Lowering the temp a bit seems to help this, just FYI.

I use hairspray only on just my glass. After cleaning the glass with warm water, sometimes acetone after that when dried. I apply a thin coat of hairspray. Warm the bed up to 50c, apply another thin coat, once bed reaches 110c apply another thin coat. Now bed is ready for use. Print 10-20 prints before washing it again with just a quick dusting of hairspray between prints. If any stuck (peels) to the part a simple warm water wash will clean it off.