Y axis homing incredibly slow

After updating cura to 2.6.69, lulzbot edition, my y axis takes a very long time to home. Since this occurs several times at the beginning of each print it noticeably increases printing time.

What should I do to resolve this, or if it’s unknown, where should I look to investigate?

I’d try to reflash the firmware and see if that fixes it. It sounds like the homing feedrate isn’t set right. I’ve also found that sometimes after doing a move that homing can be weird. Open up the console for the printer and enter the GCode:
(this is assuming you have a Mini)

G0 X70 Y70 Z140 F9000

That’ll set the moving feedrate, which shouldn’t change the homing feedrate, but I’ve found that sometimes my Mini moves extremely slowly when it randomly skips the auto level sequence.