📢 Cura LulzBot Edition 4.13 v2.4 Beta Testing - Now with more MAC in every download!


Cura LulzBot Edition 4.13 has been out for awhile now, but without a MAC OS version.

Today we have released an updated Cura LE 4.13 v1.5 for Windows, Linux, and MAC OSX!

Head on over to our beta page and give it a try.

I didn’t want to do any installs via GitHub until I heard back from you, so thanks for that.

One thing on the profiles you should be aware of - with the Slice / Bondtech setup of the M175, their retraction suggestions are a retraction distance of the nozzle diameter. So, configured with a 0.8 nozzle, retract at 0.8. Also, Bondtech suggests a retraction speed of 35mm/s. I’ve made these changes to my Lulzbot Cura LE profiles and they work very well. I’m not sure who “makes” the profiles you provide, but for the direct drive M175, the default distance of 1.5mm is a bit much. I have several Bondtech DDS and DDX setups with E3D and Slice equipment, so I have learned a lot about the ideal travel settings for that combination. I just wanted to share that.

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With cura I had problems resetting firmware to the point I have to reset my laptop I have a lulzbot taz workhorse

Sorry to hear that, I know we’d been having some troubles with firmware flashing with some of the earlier Betas. Which Beta version and OS are you using, and could you explain what exactly seems to be going wrong?

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The button just does not work i got version 3 I can’t remember if it’s v3.36 or v3.37 I use windows

Sorry for a delayed response on this, I don’t know if I’ve seen many issues with the flashing on the 3.6 builds of Cura LE. That might be a question you’d want to shoot an email to our support team for and they should be able to help you get it sorted out.

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I’m having a ton of issues with tree supports not working on this model. Supports are in mid air

There isn’t much we can do to help with just a screenshot. Can you provide the .stl file?

I’m guessing the STL has a bunch of errors in the mesh to cause this. A b Morgan said, the STL would be helpful in figuring this behavior out


I believe I’m using the correct part. I didn’t find any mesh errors.

CuraLE 4.13.0 beta v1.5, Ultimaker Cura 5.3.1, Ultimaker Cura 5.4.0-beta.1, and PrusaSlicer 2.6.0 all generated what appears to be valid tree supports. We probably need to know more about what settings and manipulations were done to the model. I scaled it to 35% and then placed it on the bed. Changed supports to “Tree” and “Touching Buildplate”.

No issues with tree supports with default settings. I just changed my zmax so no scaling was required.

I wonder if it was a processing issue.
I got something like that the first time, made a few edits and then got the partially completed renders you guys saw in my screen shot. Across two computers (Intel i9’s), I had the same issue.
I finally got a successful render the 6th time around and its now printing for 2 days (one to go)

Also, screen shot had settings on the right side. I sent support density to 2% and enable support interface. Most of the other settings I leave alone - they work!

Well I got 60 hours in and then it failed. Reviewing the video footage and reexamining the slice (glad I always save the 3MF/project file), I see Cura created a support in mid air

I’ve rotated the part around hoping to cut down on print times

But again, I am having an issue with supports that hang out of now where.

What’s disappointing is Cura 5.4 offers some nice enhancements to Tree Supports

FWIW Cura 4.13 came out in January of 2022. Why is the Lulzbot version so far behind?
Is it possible to add the Lulzbot Taz machine into the newer Cura builds?

If it is not confidential I kindly ask what this design is if not you say shut the door & let me know mind my own beezwax but otherwise I want to know so I can understand a bit more. kind Sir

Its from Thingiverse, the leg parts from C-3PO

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A good idea of mine I suggest is to have the gcode to automatically turn off when the print is ready to be picked up or at least on future products

The Beta looks good but I encountered an issue related to using the Taz Pro XT with the BL Touch adapter.

Upon install of the latest Beta, the wizard at startup had me add my machine, the printhead (M175v2) and I did check off the BL Touch.

When doing a test print, the print head hit the bed. No damage since I was standing by cancel.

I reviewed the machine settings and two things - BL Touch was not showing as checked off (enabled) and the Start Gcode was pretty empty compared to non beta. It also didn’t have anything in there for building a mesh (G29)

Also, can the number of points be larger for making the mesh (I know that’s a firmware question).

Anyways, I just wanted to report this so anyone using a BL Touch Adapter doesn’t get a scary collision.

Nice catch, I’d also noticed that our start gcode files don’t appear to be correct for a couple of the printers, I’ll be fixing that up for the next release which should be out fairly soon!