Print stopping

New lulzbot mini. Trying to use a netbook to control it, but each print gets stuck between layers one and five. Typically at layer two. The print head just stops moving, with no additional filament feed. Bed and nozzle temperatures remain constant. Pausing and resuming has no effect. No error messages occur.

A second laptop hasn’t had the same problem. Settings were identical between runs and the same model (rocktopus) was used. The laptop is grounded while the netbook is not. One netbook run stopped at the moment that someone touched the case and statically discharged. Grounding the case did not resolve the issue. Running with the netbook unplugged from power did not resolve the issue.

Any advice?

All the cool kids use a Raspberry Pi so that they can remotely control and monitor the printer. It will set you back about $40 to $50 (Pi + Power Supply + SD card). You can also add a USB camera for about $15 so you can watch the action while watching TV!

Here are some words:

I found a bundled Pi 3 with a case, heat sinks and power supply on Amazon from Cana Kit that worked well. I had trouble with my Windows 10 deskside machine locking up while printing (or deciding to reboot) so the Pi has been a great addition.