TAZ 5 80mm Fan Shroud -- Files linked

This thread goes along with my post about TAZ 5 PLA random clogging issues and a solution. I needed to create a way to provide a serious amount of cooling for my TAZ 5 / Hexagon hotend. The little “squirrel cage” fan was just… cute. No offense to the Taz designers! I LOVE my machine :slight_smile: But seriously, that small fan was way too small, and it was actually really noisy. So, as all good do-it-yourselfers would do, I designed and printed my own along with a Filament Tube Retainer.

The Filament Tube Retainer is a modified version of http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:766614 created by Wolfie, and the fan shroud is my original design.

The intent of the shroud is to provide as much air flow across the cooling fins right above the heater block in the hotend itself, while preventing any airflow across the heater block. I also wanted to provide some additional air flow across the entire filament feed assembly, but I wanted it to look and feel as if it were a stock item. The shroud itself went great, but I realized that I wanted to keep the filament tube retainer that I had (Wolfie’s design), plus I needed a way to anchor the top of fan shroud. Slight design change = win.

As promised, here is the link to the .stl files and the Cura profile I used to print this. They’re over at Thingiverse

Here’s some pictures of the shroud itself. I printed it using PLA. I figured I’d really get to see if the clearance around the hotend was enough if the PLA didn’t melt :slight_smile:

Here’s the Filament Tube Retainer on the left, the Fan Shroud in the center, and the stock extruder assembly on the right.

And here it is assembled:


The mounting points of the fan shroud are 3 existing points on the extruder assembly. The stock “squirrel cage” fan will need to be removed completely, and is no longer needed.

The first one is the small unused threaded hole just above where the “squirrel cage” fan was.

The second uses the stock bolt the holds the hotend base left side:

And the third attaches to the filament tube retainer:

Showing where the filament tube retainer mounts to the stock extruder assembly

Showing the mounting bolt (on top of the fan shroud) for the filament tube retainer

And finally (because I haven’t tortured you with a long enough post yet :slight_smile: ) pictures of the filament tube retainer,venting, and hotend clearance.

And finally, the whole assembly.

Top view with the filament tube retainer removed:

This is where the hotend wires tuck in under the right side mount. I did end up modifying this slightly. I just filed down the corner a bit.

And that’s it! I’d love any thoughts or feedback.


I NEED this!!! See this post (talk about long): https://forum.lulzbot.com/t/trouble-all-of-a-sudden/1464/1

I’ve been in contact with Ray from Lulzbot as well (though email) and today he steered me to your post. I can’t beleive I haven’t seen this before. THANK YOU!!!

I’m PMing my email address right now, if you could send me the files it save me from re-inventing the wheel (or in this case the fan cage).

No problem at all - you should have both the .step and the .stl files in your inbox now. I’d love to see some pics of how yours turns out!

Are you using an external power supply for the fan?

Yessir I am. I have a power supply from a computer running the fan currently. I have a few other plans for the 12 volt supply that I’ve installed, but if you’re only looking for a fan replacement solution, muggs has a pretty good looking one in this post - https://forum.lulzbot.com/t/taz-5-pla-random-clogging-issues-and-a-solution/1661/1

Does this fan shroud print fine without support?

Wow - I didn’t realize that I completely overlooked explaining that in my comments!! Nice catch :slight_smile:

I printed it with support “Touching Buildplate” only.

Sorry about that!

You are fine! Thanks for answering! This is going to be my last try to get some PLA printed… :cry:

Just made this mode for my Taz, unfortunately the fan that I’m using is too strong (I think) my nozzle extruder can not keep the temperature on the set point… there is too much air going to the lower part of the hotend.

I’m using a 24V fan, but will run with 12V to see if it fix the issue…

I think you could do a slightly improvement on the fan holder by extending the pointed part 25mm towards the hotend… this would avoid air getting into the hot end itself, constraining it to the cooling part…

Did you design it on freeCad?

Vitor Henrique

Great point! I’ve had a couple others suggest that for “Rev. 2” as well :slight_smile:

I did the design in Solidworks, and I’m using GOM Inspect to convert the .stp file to a .stl file. There’s a couple other things I’ll be changing in the next version.I want to make more clearance for the small knob that tightens the filament bearing, and I’ve been considering a change to allow for either a left side (mirrored) nozzle cooling fan assembly, and/or a special cooling manifold design I’ve had rolling around in my head.

Thank you for the suggestion on the changes! I think since that’s what it needs most, I’ll make that change first, and work on the rest after that’s been improved. I’ll make sure I update the thread when I get the new file(s) put on Thingiverse.

  • Jeff

Do you have instructions for how to wire a 12V fan to the TAZ?

I recommend using a external power supply, unless you know what you are doing…

I started using the 24V internal power supply on Taz, but you need to be careful and protect taz internal circuit board using diodes. When you shutdown taz, the motor will be still spinning and it could generate enough power to o something bad.

I switched to use a wall 12v power adapter, like this and a small circuit using an opto-isolator and the original 5V fan wires.

When the Taz turn on, the current from the 5v will activate the opto-isolator turning on the 12V fan. Everything isolated and protected.

JLC_Designs: have you had the change to change the design yet? Thanks!

Yessir - you can find the .stl, CURA print profile and a .pdf of the changes over on Thingiverse at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:844206

I haven’t had a chance to print one yet, but there were no changes to the mounting points so it should be a direct replacement. I would recommend printing it with the fan mount side on the print bed, and make sure to use support material “everywhere”. That should be included in the profile this time :wink:

Here’s a preview -

Thanks everyone for all the suggestions!

Where can you purchase a fan that works with this setup. Do you have a link on Amazon that I can go to.
Thanks, really like this setup

Great idea for the mod!
I was having PLA heat creep problems as well… found this thread, BUT didn’t have a 80mm fan laying around and needed to finish multiple large print ASAP.

The solution I found:
Take a 2" long piece of electrical tape and put the tape on the edge of the OEM micro fan (taz5) and continue to wrap it about 50% around the heatsink. This forces the air to circulate better around the heatsink. It seems like the OEM fan is just blowing on the left side of the fins, where as adding a simple piece of tape forces the air in a semi-circle.

Just printed a few 20 hour prints, no problems - where as before I couldnt get more than a few hours in.
I have a ton of large prints coming up. I’ll report back if I run into further heat problems…


Can you show a picture of what you did.

I did this as a quick fix. My PLA prints kept jamming abour 2-3 hours in. Quick tape mode and I finished two 7 hours PLA prints with no problems.

Plan on doing a more permanent fix. But this should hold me over for a bit.